Crossover Post: Podcasts

For my crossover article I will be discussing financial podcasts. It is a crossover because I usually read and write financial analysis rather than listen and discuss them in a show format. I think that podcasts are a great way to learn new ideas and to hear from some of the best people in the industry on their views of the markets. I will mention a couple podcasts that I thoroughly enjoy and urge you to check them out!

  1. Market Edge From Zack’s: Zack’s Market Edge Podcast is a great show that looks at different stocks in the market and values them based off a predefined screen. They look for strictly value stocks that they believe are trading at a discount. Furthermore, they are mostly long only, meaning that they are looking to buy company’s rather than short them. This is not only a great tool to learn more about financial research, but to also find undervalued stocks that you may want to invest it! I listen to this podcast on SoundCloud.  
  2. Investing With IBD: Investing With IBD is a great podcast that I started listening to. This is a bit of a more technical podcast and requires a little more knowledge about markets that the Market Edge from Zack’s podcast. I urge you to check it out because like anything else, the more you spend time on it the better you will understand it. Investing With IBD is a podcast from Investors Business Daily. This business is out to find readers and subscribers undervalued stocks, market trends, and technical analysis on stocks. They also research mutual funds and list out their favorite stocks each week. If you want to understand more of the technical trading aspects of investing while also getting news on what is going on in the markets check out this podcast!

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