How to Follow Technical Patterns:Boot Barn Holdings

This is a sub post to my former post “How to Follow Technical Patters.” Here we will be looking at Boot Barn Holdings to see if the company is nearing a buy point. A buy point is a technical term where an investor should look to buy into a security at a specific price point. For instance, if Apple has a buy in point at $208 dollars per share, and the stock is trading around a $205 dollar per share base for the week, one should pay close attention in the following days to see if the stock reaches the buy in point and purchase shares of the security. Boot Barn Holdings ($BOOT) is currently trading at $28.91 as of 3.27.2019. BOOT is a retailer who sells western and work wear apparel, accessorizes, and of course boots, shocking right? The company makes most of their money off of work wear. BOOT also has three times the number of stores as their closest competitor. With a market capitalization of just under $800 million the company is considered a small if not micro cap stock. Fortunately, investors appear to be recognizing the company and collecting shares as we speak. As of December 31, 2018 Vanguard and Blockrock Inc. are the company’s largest shareholders. The stock is pretty hot right but but has experienced much volatility within the past month. Despite this, since the begging of January shares of BOOT’s chart have shown a positive trend and have really rewarded investors who have stayed in throughout the rough trading patches. Be on the lookout for a buy in point fairly soon. As indicated by the volume and moving averages, March was tough for the stock as investors sold off in droves particularity in the begging of the month. However, as the 50 and 200 day moving averages look to have crossed in the past day (3/26/2019) an upward trend is soon to follow. You should be looking to buy in at $29.00 a share. Keep an eye on the stock as that could happen by the end of this week!

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